boondocks The Scene and ASCII Forum, run by legendary SysOp - Sal-One.
English Amiga Board Nice forum which tackles all things Amiga with some of the old legends on there.
The Old Skool Amiga Board UK oriented Amiga Forum.

Cool Sites

Amiga Music Preservation Amiga Music site run by my old swap partner Crown.
Back to the Roots Quality, long running scene archive.
Demon Download - Demos, Music Disks, Slideshows etc.
ExoticA Everything Amiga Scene from Music, Utils, Demos and Graphics. An excellent scene archive.
Flashtro Crack Intros converted to Flash. Brilliant stuff!
Magic My Magic Pack Website.
Tesko Website The Offical Tesko Website.
The Amiga Demulator - Classic Amiga Demos in DHTML.. Great stuff!

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