Welcome to The Majic Collection by Majic Mushroom

This is my collection of Demo disks I collected whilst active on the Amiga scene during 1989 to 1994.

This is version 2 of the site, the first one went live in October 2005 and was fully stocked by April 2006. The site has been going ever since with downloads on an almost daily basis!

Quick instructions: Use the drop down menus to filter by Group and/or Category, the Search Packs option is used to search for productions within Pack Disks. I will implement a more in-depth search function at a later date. I am always reviewing changes to the site and I am working on it in the background when I have the time.

During my time on the Amiga I was a member of the following groups: Liquid Gold, Pussy UK, Crack UK, Flash Production, Razor 1911, Plague, Quartz, Lemon., Fairlight, Delirium, Sonik-Clique and Tesko.

I was also a secret member of Doom UK, Voodoo Design and Tesko under the names of TKI (That was actually 2 guys until we joined separately!) and Tom Bomb until I joined Tesko under Majic Mushroom.

I was mainly a swapper although I did release some intros and demos for Plague and Quartz and finally Tesko under my real scene name. I joined Doom UK and Voodoo under a different name so I could help a group who were struggling, whilst at the same time learning to code!

In 1993 I became mostly a modem trader and in 1995 I set up a BBS called "South Central" which became the Tesko WHQ.

The last demo I worked on was "2 Blokes and an Armchair" which was released at Deja Vu in 1998 and won the demo competition, although the vote was changed so a PC demo won!

Thanks to everyone who helped with the original site and to those new visitors here, it shows there's still a demand for old skool Amiga demos.